A different Business Builder

We become one more of the team, with our specialty: business development and financial management.


We are the voice and ears of the investor in their inverted.

“Boutique” philosophy

For the entrepreneur and for the investor, we are their partners. We work with a small number of projects.

Investor, we work with you to get projects 

We prepare projects to reach an optimal value/risk ratio

We present you projects according to your investment strategy

We are Lead Investor, we deal with all the steps of the process

We accompany you to the exit

We are your arm within the company in which you invest

We advise and manage the investment in a personalized way

Advantages of investing with us

Seleccionamos solo los proyectos con grandes perspectivas

Ofrecemos garantías de análisis de viabilidad del proyecto

Te presentamos los proyectos que más te interesan

Reducimos el riesgo de la fase inicial bajo el modelo spin-off

Entrepreneur, we grow up together

We get involved on your project before becoming partners

We become your partner, join forces with your team

You will work with experts who have already gone your way: real companies and mentors

We continue to grow with you

We manage your financing, so that you can focus 100% on your business

We help you grow, working with you in all business areas

Advantages of sharing your ideas

Ofrecemos un trato personalizado

Nos convertimos en socios de a largo plazo

Aportamos valor en el desarrollo de tu proyecto

Generamos sinergias entre emprendedores e inversores